Hi! I'm Eas.

A full-stack developer, who loves experimenting something new.
Also loves tinkering some IT stuffs. Homelabbing is one fun thing to do!

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I also write things!
I just updated my blog. Here's how it went.

It's been a while since the last time I posted a blog post, and it's on me for that matter. And after some thought, it's time for another update!

Tired of managing Node.js versions? NVM can help!

I remembered when I first learned JavaScript, I still use Node.js provided in Ubuntu. That brought me to some problems down the road.

Using VestaCP? You can easily implement Cloudflare SSL, too.

It pains me when every time I tried to access Vesta Control Panel on my server, the browser always threw me an invalid/self-signed SSL error.