About Me

Hi, it's me, Andreas... or just call me Eas.

I love coding, tinkering, and solving each problems I found.

My passion for computers began when I was just four years old, and it started... in a weird way. Back then, I like to tinker what's inside Windows folder (back then it was Windows 95/98 -- how nostalgic!). I started running some weird apps, and before I knew it, I accidentally made my parents' computer unusable.

Since then, I wanted to learn more about computers, and I started to love it!

When I turned 14, a relative introduced me to the world of managing websites using Joomla CMS through a book they lent me. From there, I started to learn how websites work, and in the end, I ended up trying to make a blog using WordPress, which was more suited for blogging than Joomla!.

But it was so hard due to the Internet connection was so expensive and scarce at that time. So I decided to borrow his computer, and try some plugins mentioned on the book -- in exchange of doing his favor: packing soy milk (it was delicious, by the way).

My first website was made using .co.cc domain back then (it's not around anymore since I checked in the recent years). I learned how to host a website, register said domain, hook it into my hosting provider (a free PHP 5.3 hosting provider), and encountered a hacked blog, too. I guess I was lucky back then!

Ahem, back to topic.

So, years later (yes, that was a time skip), I started to learn PHP as my first programming language (and MySQL as the RDBMS) to learn more about how websites -- and later, web apps -- work. It was another experience: I learned how to make a prepared statement, about procedural-style programming, and later on, object-oriented programming while learning Laravel.

Whew... that was an experience.

And here I am, the present me, starting to create fun things while also learning something new! You can find all of these within my portfolios page.

If you want to say hi, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to reply you back!