Fresh Air for My Blog!

AFTER 12 YEARS of busy things happen in my life since I had sl4y-it.co.cc site before (it’s not working anymore), finally I can get in touch of reviving my blog once again.

So… hi again! And I should re-introduce myself again, as it has been vacuum for so long of no blogging sessions.

I’m Eas, the self-taught web developer, also a small YouTuber (more on that later). And this is where I dump my knowledge: web development stuffs like PHP development and its derivatives; experiment about new ways of developing web such as Jekyll (actually this is cool!); and other things computer and networking basics.

Man… I couldn’t stop thinking that this is gonna be the most efficient way of blogging (no WYSIWYG-thingy), when comparing to my blog in the past using WordPress. Templates? I can make it using just a normal HTML and Liquid tag.

Well, I can use PHP to make the same, though, but for just the blogging site, it’s too complex and has more points of issues/failure. So, using static site generator like Jekyll-Liquid combo, provides more benefits for me on blogging. Thanks to GitHub Pages, as they provide the way for developers to make site for manuals, documentations, or blog posts like mine.

Ah, yes, back to topic.

As I mentioned earlier, I will share my knowledge here, so everyone can benefit of my way of learning things. And speaking of sharing knowledge, I also have Facebook Page and also a YouTube channel, so go check them out. My YouTube channel will be mostly in Indonesian, and it’s more of a computing knowledge, rather than about software development.

Well, I guess this will be the new beginning. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic as of this writing, I happened to learn something new as I couldn’t go outside my house. So, yeah… my blog is born (again), and that’s it! I’ll keep my blog posted every time I have a new idea when I develop something new, so stay tuned, and keep it easy and simple!

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