I just updated my blog. Here's how it went.

Hey there!It's been a while since the last time I posted a blog post, and it's on me for that matter. And after some thought, it's time for another update!

So... what brings this update?

First of all, the main reason of the lack of updates on the blog post, was of the high effort of maintaining the posts. That means, creating just a new post, or update/revise the older one, needs a git commit. That got me thinking, why are posts must be put in a git commit, too?And that leads to the first change in this blog, which now integrates Strapi as the headless CMS for the blog.Why I chose ? Because not only Strapi is the headless CMS that suits my needs, but it supports Webhooks, which will help triggering re-deploys, eliminating the need to do git commits just for updating a typo on a post.Of course, the blog itself still statically generated by , which is why I mentioned Webhooks earlier.Speaking of Astro, I updated Astro, the "engine" of this blog, from version 0.20.5 (beta!), to version 4.4.0 -- pretty steep jump indeed. But hey, there were no hiccups during the upgrade, which is pretty good, and I'm overall happy with the results!And also, other small updates on my blog, like layout changes, the Portfolio section (finally!), and also, Contacts section is now moved here, from Linktree.

What's to come?

I'm still going to make some updates here and there, as it's still not final yet, though I consider this as pretty good enough to be published as of this writing. Things like comments section, better responsive web design, and more -- are set to be added in the future. Portfolio section still needs some polish for some reason.Ah yes, there are things that I want to share in the future, which I learned along the way during the absence, like Proxmox, VPN integration, Docker and its containers, and so on.I can't wait to share here, and I hope it helps!